About Me

Originally from Victoria, I grew up surrounded by an artistic family. My Grandmother and I often sketched together with a grey lead pencil and charcoal. I received no formal training but most of what I've learnt is self taught through practice, trial and error.

Now happily settled in Tasmania with my 2 gorgeous children, I am in love with this beautiful state I have the privilege of calling home. I rediscovered my love for drawing while I was pregnant with my daughter who is now 8 years old. Having suffered with depression for many years sometimes it is very hard to motivate myself creatively, but once the pencil touches the paper my focus is entirely on the drawing and seeing the finished result is a great boost of confidence.
I am a perfectionist by heart and ever critical of my own work, at times it is hard to know when to put the pencil down. Many hours are involved to produce the intricate, detailed pieces I bring to you. It is the vibrant colours and details in nature and my love of animals that inspire my choice of subject. I use Prismacolor pencils primarily along with Faber Castell Polychromos pencils and build layer upon layer to achieve realistic depth in my drawings.
I also thoroughly enjoy seeing the joy on my customers faces when I can bring their beloved pet to life on paper with my pet portrait commissions.

I hope you enjoy admiring my products as much as I enjoy creating them!

Love Hayley x